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Can Mediation Put An End To Your Probate Dispute?

Some of the most contentious issues in the legal world take place over estates. This is due to the emotionally and financially complex issues that are inherent to this type of dispute. Between the monetary stakes, high emotions over what a loved one may have said or promised, and the pressure to do what’s right, many families experience significant strain.

Mediation can help families like yours stay on track and preserve relationships through thoughtful, considered and reliable legal resolutions. With over 20 years of experience navigating disputes through mediation, I can be your guide and advocate. Contact Nancee Tomlinson, LLC, at 706-670-0676.

How Mediation And Probate Can Work Together

Probate disputes are often complicated for several reasons, many occurring at the same time. For instance, a loved one may have left a large property or other investment unwilled, leaving the property to probate. Or you may need to challenge a will entirely if it was written when a loved one was incapable of making a will.

In the right circumstances, your probate issue may be better handled by mediation. Going to court is far more costly, often cutting into the value of a loved one’s estate significantly. It is also lengthy, meaning your interpersonal familial conflicts can drag out, too. Mediation lets you tell your full side of the story to a neutral third party who will take both parties’ wishes into consideration. The result is a far more personal settlement that saves time, money and stress.

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