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Litigation Consultation

At my firm, Nancee Tomlinson, LLC, I offer consulting for attorneys. Because I have specialized in difficult criminal, juvenile, and probate cases, my unique experience and view of the world offers insight into situations when attorneys feel stuck, restrained, or limited by facts and circumstances. For more than 20 years, I have worked around and through problems providing a new and useful perspective on issues ranging from trial to practice.

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Public Speaking

Reform of the Criminal Legal System
As we look to reform the criminal legal system, I speak about the next steps in reform. What does real, substantive change look like? What is necessary for change to happen? The broad-based reforms necessary to shift our criminal legal system to a more equitable process require perspective beyond the individual story to encompass the broader inputs of community, psychology, behavior and history. Communities need a basic understanding of the system as it is in order to engage in an inclusive discussion about what the system should be.

Professional Ethics And Attorney Well-Being
For 21 years, I have engaged in the practice of law as a staff attorney, prosecutor, part-time public defender, general practitioner and advocate for parents and children in dependency cases, handling family issues in probate court and as a criminal defense attorney. The ethical and professional challenges of these roles in the practice of law raise conflate personal perspective and duty in ways not imagined in earlier times.

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