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Criminal Defense Crafted By A Passionate And Experienced Attorney

When a person is charged with a crime, hiring an experienced attorney at the earliest possible point is the best choice. The legal system is built in a way that often disregards the rights of the accused and casts people in the worst possible light. The best defense strategies stop these infringements before they start and put the focus squarely back on the humanity of those involved.

Where Will You Turn When The Police Knock

At Nancee Tomlinson, LLC, I fight to keep my clients free from undue punishment and harsh penal consequences. I craft personalized defense strategies built around the evidence. I interrogate the prosecution’s case and shine a light on all their weaknesses. Whether you face theft, assault or drunk driving allegations, I can be the wall that stands between you and the justice system.

Juvenile Cases Require Special Care

Juvenile offenders require a particularly capable and compassionate individual to defend them because the person who stands the most to lose is the young. I have worked as a child advocate, parent attorney and guardian ad litem across Georgia. No teen or preteen should have to struggle for the rest of their life because of a mistake or misunderstanding. I believe strongly that a juvenile defense attorney should help build up the child into the best version of themselves. As a result, I explore all the options for your child and help guide them through the court system to a better solution.

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Reaching a favorable outcome requires creating a road map to success. There are many avenues for disposition; a trial is just one option. Over the years, I’ve encountered many cases and the questions that accompany them. Let me be your guide. I am attorney Nancee Thomlinson. Call me at  706-670-0676 or email me here.