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My name is attorney Nancee Tomlinson. As a registered mediator, a criminal defense attorney, a legal consultant and a coach, I strive to change the conversation around the law and around criminal defense.

I became a registered mediator in Georgia to help individuals avoid the divisiveness and acrimony that often surround court proceedings. I work both as a third-party mediator and as an attorney for clients moving through mediation or arbitration. I help parties in mediation find common ground and look for creative solutions to tough legal problems.

Our current criminal justice system is ill-prepared to manage the complex needs of both victims and the accused. The result is that lawyers on both sides of a case often do a deep disservice to the principles of justice. I give Georgia attorneys better tools to represent their clients and help them succeed. In addition to one-on-one lawyer coaching, I have written several books addressing legal topics.

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Offering Exemplary Criminal Defense Representation

For over 20 years, I have worked with some of Georgia’s most difficult cases, offering vigilant representation informed by passion and experience. My clients gain the benefit of decades of criminal defense knowledge and zealous representation. I develop legal strategies that examine all the evidence, showcase your side of the story and respond to the variety of needs in your case.

Together, We Can Find Answers To Your Legal Questions

I’m here to help you resolve your most pressing issues – whether you’re seeking mediation services, attorney coaching, or criminal defense representation. You can reach me at my office in Athens by calling 706-670-0676 or emailing me.