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Plea Negotiations

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Criminal Law

More than 90% of criminal and traffic cases resolve with a guilty plea of some sort. In many cases, guilty pleas are negotiated. Other times, a client may choose to enter a plea of guilty without a plea offer because we cannot reach a meeting of the minds with the State.

How can an attorney help with this?

An attorney provides you with important information. You should know the maximum and minimum potential punishments, which usually include time in the local jail or in prison. Also, be aware that the law usually permits the judge to assess a fine.

Motions can be filed which might result in evidence the judge throwing out some evidence. Attorneys with criminal trial experience have the training to know whether these motions are viable in your case.

Plea discussions can be influenced by factors like possible witnesses, affirmative defenses, and other factors with which attorneys are familiar. Also, other lesser offenses may be an option for a reduced plea offer and a different outcome.

Don’t just assume that the offer made is without the possibility of change. Rushing to resolve a case on your own could result in an outcome that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. Consulting an attorney will help you make better, wiser decisions. These choices end up on your criminal record, available to employers in many cases.