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Dear Client: Start Now.

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | Firm News, Juvenile Court

Clients bring me their plan. The plan to convince the Court that the situation has changed; the client is new person.

The most significant hurdle for clients in this situation is themselves.

“I’ll start after my case is over.” “My friend owes me money. Once they pay up, I’ll change.” Whatever the condition, it’s always tomorrow.

Understand, as I’ve said before, words alone will not prove. A child has been in CPS custody for 12 months. Suddenly a parent realizes that the child could be taken from them permanently. Now, it’s a problem. A parent has been absent and failing to comply with the case plan for a year then all of the sudden it’s an emergency.

12 months in, a parent can’t accomplish the goals meant to be worked over time.

Perhaps it’s a criminal case. A drug case. The client wants rehabilitation. Tells the judge the client is headed to rehabilitation. But suddenly is in jail for new charges. Think that the judge will risk a low bond the second time?

Get moving, get started. Change your plan, change your attitude.